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Padma Venkatraman prefers to do a tech check prior to the date of any speech. At this time, if the host has any special requests, these can also be discussed so each visit can be tailored to meet each audience’s needs.

Note that Antiracism, diversity and STEAM are naturally integrated into all Padma Venkatraman’s talks. All her speeches below can be adapted to meet the needs of audiences from grade 4 through adult.

Main Course

As Rivers to the Sea: Padma Venkatraman’s journey from science to writing, emphasizing how personal experience can inform writing. This speech highlights perseverance and also touches on the challenges faced by underserved populations in the sciences.

Sailing the Sea of Story: Padma Venkatraman speaks about her process and lessons she learned as a scientist and as a writer that may be of use to other writers.

True Writers are Re Writers: Padma Venkatraman speaks about the importance of revision and focuses on writing tips and techniques.

Writing Workshops: Padma Venkatraman can also lead writing workshops with hands-on mini-writing exercises catered for a specific age

Diversifying Book Collections: Tips on diversity in books and suggestions on embracing diversity, equity and inclusion in literature

People and the Planet – Global Climate Crisis: A talk followed by audience-led discussion that explores how BIPOC people are particularly susceptible to global climate change

Forgotten Discoveries: Using her poem NOTHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR which was published in the anthology Thank U edited by Miranda Paul, Padma Venkatraman will speak about the oft-ignored achievements of women and BIPOC in the sciences.


Lunch with the Author: Padma Venkatraman is always happy to add an informal lunch Q & A with a small group of students (particularly students interested in writing or sciences or diversity) or an informal discussion on diversity with interested teachers