#AuthorsTakeAction began with one tweet and this blog post by Padma Venkatraman, and grew into what may become an annual call to action, a day when the author community will coalesce around a humanitarian message.

For now, teachers and parents looking for a resource may find it useful to search the strand #AuthorsTakeAction on twitter, or look at the quilt of messages carrying this hashtag on instagram from authors encouraging everyone, especially students, to take social distancing seriously, or begin by reading this blog post written after the launch, which is linked to a few especially thoughtful and creative messages. Soon, the core group hopes to create posters from these messages that will be linked or uploaded to this page.

Summary info on the first #AuthorsTakeAction day, and information on this year’s follow-up action and next year’s date and theme will be provided on this page in the coming weeks and months. In the upcoming year, a new website may also be created.

Please contact Padma Venkatraman if you are interested in helping with next year’s #AuthorsTakeAction day, which is to be done in partnership with WNDB. Authors from diverse communities are especially invited to join.

Here is a link to an article about this campaign in the Providence Journal and another in Publishers Weekly.

Thanks to the community for the successful launch of this hashtag!