IN-PERSON VISITS: To invite the author to present a keynote, participate on a panel, conduct a workshop or speak at your school, library, university or book club, please contact her via her speaking agency – THE AUTHOR VILLAGE’s page (or email hello at the author village dot com). Thank you!

VIRTUAL VISITS: To check to see if she is available for a virtual (Skype) visit, please fill out the form (see link below) if there is an available slot AFTER READING these Skype guidelines. If you sign up for a visit, it is assumed that you have acknowledged and accepted the following terms:

Cut off date for fall 2019: September 30th. If fall visits are closed, please sign up to receive blog updates or follow the author on twitter so you may sign up when spring dates are announced.

If you are at a Title 1 school, you are exempt from any monetary requirements or purchases.
For all others:
45 minute visits cost $ 250 /-
and you MUST donate at least 5 NEW first-hand legally purchased hard cover copies of THE BRIDGE HOME to schools or libraries or readers that have an economic need.
20 minute (maximum) visits
No charge but you MUST donate at least 5 NEW first-hand legally purchased hard cover copies of THE BRIDGE HOME to schools, libraries or readers with an economic need.
Purchases must be completed BEFORE the scheduled visit.
General considerations:
Follow Padma on twitter and/or instagram (see buttons to the left on every page of this website);  the author only Skypes with people who have an open channel of communication with her on social media.
Her Skype ID is Padma T Venkatraman (without any gaps). Please ensure that you send her a contact request.
Arrange the room so that students can easily walk to a microphone or laptop and speak into the microphone when they ask questions, so that the author can hear them more clearly.
In case of unexpected technical issues, please consider having the following back ups:
1. Phone and microphone combination (cell phone on speaker phone if it’s loud enough for an entire group)
2. Keep a board or flip chart ready so in the event that you can hear the author and she is unable to hear you, students can write questions on the board that she can see and respond to.

You may now use the contact form below and ask for a Skype visit. You will be sent a link and you may sign up via this Document ( link ). Kindly honor the author’s trust.

You MUST NOT under any circumstance or for any purpose use any of the contact information available on this file. Also please take care that you do not delete someone else’s slot. Program slots will thus be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Please don’t list yourself unless you are certain that you can comply with the requirements below.
Times are listed in United States Eastern Time – please use ONLY US EST in all communication.

DIRECT COMMUNICATION: If you would like your communication to be directed to the author (or are interested in Skype visits), KINDLY provide a personal email  (please note that school email addresses often do not admit replies / allow messages from emails that they may not recognize). The author replies to emails if she receives them, but please be patient.

Your interest in her work is greatly appreciated. Thank You!