Teach the Bridge Home (GRA#19 GRABridge #ProjectLIT)

Listen to Padma Venkatraman pronounce Indian words and names in The Bridge Home:

Download a discussion guide for The Bridge Home: The Bridge Home Discussion Guide.

Decorate your classroom or library with a poster that says “Build Bridges with Books, Break Walls With Words” or one that says “Read… because Books Bridge Homes and Hearts“.

The Bridge Home is a Global Read Aloud and ProjectLIT selection. Hence, resources will continue to be added to this site throughout 2019.

Padma Venkatraman also plans to be actively engaged with the #GRA19 #GRABridge and #ProjectLIT communities, in the following ways:

  • She will post regularly this fall via the blog post feature on the home page of this site. If you would like to get updates, please sign up to follow this site.
  • She plans to answer questions posted on her blog with regular video casts during the six weeks of the Global Read Aloud project. Video schedule and other details will be announced this summer.
  • She will be adding resources to this page – including a pronunciation guide (to help teachers feel confident reading Indian names and words in THE BRIDGE HOME), a discussion guide, and additional material.
  • If you are a teacher, librarian or other educator and have created materials for THE BRIDGE HOME that you would like to share with the world, please get in touch with her via social media and the resources will be credited to you and shared through this page and a padlet.
  • In consultation and in conjunction with Pernille Ripp (who created the Global Read Aloud) and Jarred Amato (who created ProjectLIT), Padma Venkatraman  will be scheduling additional events, such as Skype Visit giveaways and contests related to the social justice themes in THE BRIDGE HOME, such as hunger, reading, homelessness, environmental protection and recycling.