Week 4 #GRABridge Q & A video

Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay this week, and for the confusion. I answered some of these questions on instagram today, but I’m uploading this video as well, and I may edit this post and add another video later with some of the same questions. I did this video the same way as last week, which one of you said sounded much better, so I hope the sound quality is good on this one as well. I wish I could close caption them, but I haven’t been able to figure out how.

Thanks for listening and reading, everyone – and for your excellent questions. Look forward to hearing more from you this week. You have all of Friday to ask questions, as I plan to post the next Q & A video on Sunday (for week 5). I do have an important request. PLEASE AVOID SPOILERS – please phrase your questions in such a way that you don’t give away major plot points – remember that other readers may not have read as much as you have and you don’t want to tell them what happens, because it’s important for each reader to discover the story on their own. Thanks again, Padma

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