School Visit Season – Virtually!

My school visit season began this September with a marvelous visit to Frederica Academy (virtually, of course)! Unfortunately, my chronic shoulder injury is also acting up, so I may not be able to celebrate every other school visit this fall, as I’ll be limiting social media activity a little. Especially as I’m hard at work on my next novel, BORN BEHIND BARS, scheduled for release next fall (October 2021) from Nancy Paulsen Books, Penguin Random House!

As COVID continues, I haven’t been able to attend any of the many marvelous award ceremonies for THE BRIDGE HOME, but then again, it means I receive the best mail ever this year – as most of the awards have been sent to me by the wonderful US postal service. Memories of these wonderful hugs from friends keep me going, and I feel so lucky to have my spouse and child with me…

That said, I have Weekly Wednesday Writing Prompts planned for the rest of the school semester and the first one was posted on twitter this week. I hope they’ll not only provide a quick idea to spur some writing, but also introduce everyone to some excellent diverse books, especially those released this year. Occasionally, the writing prompts will be combined with a book giveaway.

I’m also hoping to have this website updated soon, with descriptions of virtual visits, as I now have a new menu of possibility…

Stay well, stay safe, stay healthy!

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  1. Dear Ms. Venkatraman,
    Your chronic shoulder issue can be easily treatable by a licensed acupuncture. The longer it’s not treated, the harder it is to treat it later. Acupuncture goes to the root cause, not merely treating the symptoms. If the acupuncturist does not ask questions about your lifestyle and habits, then beware of the treatment offered. In order to properly treat you, they have to first understand the possible causes of your shoulder issue. Best of luck. I’m a future librarian and am about to read A Time to Dance.

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